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About TzyFeng

Tzy Feng was founded in 1984, the agent of Nan Ya Plastics board and the distributor of Chi Mei Acrylic in Taiwan.  The sales of Plastic sheet and Acrylic sheet in Taiwan market and extended to all over the world.  Except those, the exporting of acrylic processing products and finished acrylic furniture.  We are also the professional supplier of Acrylic Mirror Sheet and Multi-Function Plastic Sheet.  The main markets are Taiwan, Japan, South-East Asia : SingaporeThailand MalaysiaIndonesia,  Middle East , Europe: Germany,  India, Latin America and Australia. 
Tzy Feng has owned Taya factory in 1998.  
In order upgrade acrylic products more fashionable and precision, Tzy Feng invested auto. CNC computer automated processing machineryprecision laser machine precision diamond cutting machineVacuum electroplated machinelarge-area surface printing machine and engraving machine.  Those machining facilities are helpful to produce perfect plastic and acrylic processing products. 

Nearly 30 years of manufacturing experience, with the high precision of the computer automated equipment, provided you the best quality guaranty and perfect acrylic products. The bonding plastic products without glue trace and bubbles happened.  The plastic mirror sheets are produced by vacuum electroplated.  The Plastic Mirror sheets including Acrylic MirrorsPC MirrorsPS Mirrors with highest quality and the surface are clear.  In the back side of the plastic Mirror Sheets are good at abrasion resistance and chemicals /solvent resistance.  The surface of the plastic mirrors can also be processed by hard coating. 


In 2003, Tzy Feng began the development of nanotech products with additional clean room equipment and the development in innovative products of Hard Coated, Anti-bacterial, Anti-static, Anti-smudge, Anti-reflective Plastic sheet.

In 2010, Tzy Feng has owned the second factory in Tajia and invest new automation equipment.  We start manufacturing the Decoration sheet with marble pattern
Anti-Bacterial decoration SheetAnti-Reflective Sheet Anti-Smudge SheetDecoration with hairline patternall kinds of Bonding Decoration sheetAcrylic Decoration Sheet with Yun-Long Pattern for Japanese roomDouble-sided Acrylic Mirror SheetAnti-UV Sheet and so on.


All kinds of products as follows:
Wholesale the plastic sheetAcrylic board, PVC board, PS board, PET board, PC board, PS board, Acrylic board - Optical grade, High impact board
Plastic Mirrors Acrylic mirror board, PC Mirror board, PS Mirror board
Plastic decoration board, large area UV printing (1212mmx2424mm).
Acrylic products Gift exhibition rack, all kinds exhibition rack, Acrylic Picture frame, Decoration Acrylic products....and so on. 
PVC process products, Plastic process products.
Surface disposalHard Coated sheet, Anti-static sheet, Anti-ultraviolet sheet, Dirt-resistance panel
Furniture product Acrylic tea table, chair, etc.
Main products:
Acrylic Mirror sheets, Plastic Mirror sheets, Double-sided Acrylic Mirror Sheet,  Hard Coated Acrylic Sheet , Flame Retardant Sheet,  PVC Decoration Sheet,  Acrylic Furniture,  Acrylic Products,  Light Diffuser Sheet , Anti-ultraviolet PVC Sheet, Anti-Static Acrylic Sheet, Anti-Bacterial Acrylic Sheet, Anti-Smudge Acrylic Sheet ,  Multi-Function Acrylic Sheet. 

OEM, ODM co-operations: Welcome to offer your samples or drawings and prepare the samples for you.
 Welcome for your further reference , Tzy Feng quote you the best price and stable quality guarantee, Let Tzy Feng cooperate with you to win the market.